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Andre talks ocean swimming on The Pod podcast

Autumn is hands-down the best time for ocean swimming.

The weather is balmy, the water is warm, and the crowds have dispersed.

It’s also a great time to reflect on the season; the ocean swims you took on, the challenges you faced and the fun you had.

In somewhat of my own reflection, I caught up with Marc West of Recap at the end of summer to discuss all things ocean swimming for his Podcast ‘The Pod‘.

In it we dive deep into the sport of ocean swimming, with tips on preparing for ocean swims, negotiating waves, and navigating open water; as well as insights into competitive tactics, ocean swims culture, and where it all started for OceanFit.

As you reflect on your season, my chat with Marc might be just the thing you need to add clarity to the experiences you’ve had this season, plus, you’ll be able to put the tips into practice the next time you swim.

I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter guide

Here’s a quick guide to what’s in the podcast & where to find it:

00:50 Pool swimming vs Ocean swimming

02:09 Dealing with changing conditions

04:07 OceanFit’s four pillars of ocean swimming

09:06 Managing anxiety and the freedom of the ocean

11:20 Sighting: When, where & how

16:28 Negotiating the waves #1 (Observation)

18:13 Negotiating the waves #2 (Momentum & technique)

20:50 Negotiating the waves #3 (Returning to shore)

23:35 Ocean swimming etiquette and culture

25:26 Drafting: The good and the bad

28:44 Physical nature of ocean swims (+ history)

32:40 Andre’s background and career

39:58 How OceanFit started

Andre Slade

Andre is the owner of OceanFit with over 20 years in the swimming education, lifeguarding and coastal safety industry.

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