Interview Snippet: Toronto Lake Swimmers

As the name suggests, the Toronto Lake Swimmers swim in the lake at Toronto, NSW, enjoying the fresh water and tranquility the only a lake can provide.


Date: 24 July 2020
Interview number: 026
Interviewees: Toronto Lake Swimmers (Sally & Bevan)
Lake Swimming Baths, Toronto, New South Wales


We met up with Sally & Bevan at the lake swimming baths on the lake foreshore in Toronto, NSW and Jules swam with the crew, starting in the baths and then along to the yacht Club and back. The water was a touch under 15 degrees but the lake was in all her glory, with no wind, glassy water and a slight fog for effect.

After the swim, we talked about the beauty of the lake – a hidden gem in NSW, the joys of lake swimming and how this group of unlikely friends have become connected over their passion for open water swimming.

Listen to an audio snippet




A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, Bevan and Sally describe the type of people you’ll find swimming in the lake in Toronto and the energy and spiritualness you get from swimming in the lake.



The full interview with the Toronto Lake Swimmers will feature on a new podcast episode coming soon…


Group Details

Name: Toronto Lake Swimmers
Location: Swimming Baths, Toronto, New South Wales
Meeting times: Sundays @ 7am and at other organised times during the week
Contact: Email Sally or turn up on Sunday and introduce yourself


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