Stroke Correction


You need to be swimming more

If you want to be strong and confident swimming in the ocean, it all starts with being a strong and confident swimmer.


Different strokes for different folks

When transferring from the pool to open water, there are some slight variations you can make to your swimming stroke when waves, wind chop and swimmer wash make the water surface bumpier.


Relax and keep your head down

If you find yourself fighting the open water and using up energy quickly, you might be swimming like this.

Total Immersion and the Incredible Hulk

Tim Ferris (‘The 4 Hour Work Week’) shares the story of how he transformed from demoralised drowner to 1km ocean swimmer in two weeks with Total Immersion.

How slow can you swim well?

Balance and stability are key to great swimming and relaxing in the water has a myriad of positive effects including increased buoyancy and awareness.

How the Olympics can help your swimming

Swimmers at the Olympics are the best of the best, they’ve spent countless hours for most of their lives training and preparing for a shot at Olympic glory. Here are three lessons you can take away from watching swimming at the Olympics.

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