Andre’s Conviction 2017_18


You need to be swimming more

If you want to be strong and confident swimming in the ocean, it all starts with being a strong and confident swimmer.


Different strokes for different folks

When transferring from the pool to open water, there are some slight variations you can make to your swimming stroke when waves, wind chop and swimmer wash make the water surface bumpier.


The finish is right behind you

The Hawaiians say ‘never turn your back on the ocean’, and that advice rings true for finishing ocean swims.


Relax and keep your head down

If you find yourself fighting the open water and using up energy quickly, you might be swimming like this.


The tortoise and the hare

This well-known fable is a great reminder to ocean swimmers of all ages, that there’s more to swimming through the surf than speed.


The great wetsuit debate

Do you only swim ‘newd’, or are you impartial to a bit of rubber? This question is at the heart of the annual wetsuit debate between ocean swimming traditionalists and the modern day ocean swimmer.


Are you going insane in the surf?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, so are you guilty of this when you’re ocean swimming?


Take a swim on the wild side

Wild swimming is a great way to enjoy your favourite activity in nature, learn what it’s all about and how to get involved.


Do you know, what you don’t know?

Are you unknowingly holding yourself back from being a better ocean swimmer, because you think you know all there is to know about ocean swimming?

Season runs from 1 Oct to 30 April. Some contact out of season.

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