SET WAVE: Swim series’ schedule events, endurance swimming, anti-fog, and did World Ironman Series flout responsibilities?

Schedule available for major swim series’

Organisers of the country’s largest swim series have already published the dates of their swims, giving punters an early look into the full season schedule. For swimmers looking to target specific swims or plan holidays around an ocean swim this is great news.

Series’ with schedules released: Swimming WA Open Water Swim Series (WA), Tasmanian Ocean Swim Series (TAS), World Series Swims (Nat), NZ Ocean Swim Series (NZ), Splash Series (NSW),  Pittwater Ocean Swim Series (NSW), Great Victorian Swim Series (VIC).

Do you even swim long, bro? Endurance swimmer swims 530km length of English Channel

For all you budding long distance swimmers… British-South African endurance swimmer and ocean advocate Lewis Pugh has become the first person to swim the length of the English Channel from Land’s End to Dover, according to the British swimming association. The 48-year-old covered the distance in segments of 10-20 kilometres a day for 49 days. Why did he swim 530km? To raise awareness about ocean pollution and rising water temperatures due to climate change.

Swimming NSW Summer Swim Leaderboard returns

Staying with endurance swimming… Swimming NSW is once again joining forces with some of Sydney’s most iconic open water swims this season to create the Swimming NSW Summer Swim Leaderboard. Now in its second year, swimmers can earn points by competing in one or all of the seven swims – and the competition is free (you will need to pay for event entry).

The seven swims: Husky Hop (27 Oct), SMSW Open Water Championships (11 Nov), Coogee to Bondi 5 Beaches Swim (8 Dec), Vlad Swim Challenge (15 Dec), Sydney Harbour Splash (26 Jan), Cole Classic (3 Feb), Balmoral Swim (7 Apr).

World Ironman Series: Positive direction or rogue and risky?

The World Ironman Series debuted last month in Bali with some of Australia’s top surf Ironmen and Ironwomen competing in a festival-like atmosphere with racing designed to be consumed live on social media – if you haven’t seen it, there are some great surf swimming tips to be found within. The Series has been organised by competitors in what looks like a ‘we’ll-take-it-into-our-own-hands’ response to a perceived lack of direction and professional offering by SLSA.

Whilst I applaud the organisers for their vision and hustle to put an exciting event together (and it did look great on social media), I disagree with their decision to flout their risk management and social responsibilities. I can’t agree with racing at night (given what the sport has been through recently) or that the sport’s heaviest influencers were glamorising partying and the drinking of alcohol throughout the event – a result of the Series being held at and sponsored by a beach club – when highly impressionable young nippers are glued to their phones following their idols on Instagram.

Anti-fog hits the headlines after damaging swimmer’s eyes

A Queensland swimmer suffered “horrible pain” and damage to his eyes after applying the recalled Zoggs Fogbuster to his goggles on a routine morning swim at his local pool. Darren Lydeamore, who spent three days in hospital with a saline drip in his eyes in an attempt to reduce the burning and damage, had no idea that Zoggs Australia had recalled the faulty product.

The general consensus from comments on various articles circulating the internet suggest Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo is the best and most cost-effective way to create an anti-fog barrier, others still use the ol’ spit and rinse technique!

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