Interview Snippet: Mooloolaba Beach Bums

The Mooloolaba Beach Bums are a diverse community ocean swimming group in Mooloolaba who enjoy daily swims in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.


Date: 12 August 2020
Interview number: 030
Interviewees: Mooloolaba Beach Bums 
Mooloolaba SLSC, Mooloolaba, Queensland


We met up with the Mooloolaba Beach Bums for a swim as the sun rose on a beautiful morning in Mooloolaba and were joined by Colin, Henry, Robyn and Dave after to learn about what it’s like to be a bum up on the Sunshine Coast! During our chat we talked about the history of the group, the strong community ties it has and we got deep into the benefits of being a part of an ocean swimming group. Henry surprised with a story about how he survived a plane crash into the ocean, putting his survival down to his lifetime of ocean swimming.

Listen to an audio snippet




A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, Henry tells the story of when he was in a plane that ditched into the ocean, and how he puts his survival down to his regular ocean swimming with the Mooloolaba Beach Bums.



The full interview with the Mooloolaba Beach Bums will feature on a new podcast episode coming soon…


Group Details

Name: Mooloolaba Beach Bums
Location: Mooloolaba SLSC, Mooloolaba, Queensland
Meeting times: Daily, groups leave between 6am and 7am (usually, faster swimmers head off earlier)
Contact: Turn up and ask for the group


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