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Sand angels

How cool would it be to be an angel?! Well now you can every time you go to the beach! In this lesson Kate teaches you how to become a sand angel.

Beached whales

Have you ever seen a beached whale? Well now you can be beached as! In this lesson Mila teaches you how to be a beached whale.

Jumping over waves

Jumping over waves is a cool way to enjoy the water, it's fun, and it's a great way to use up all that energy you've got! In this lesson Mila demonstrates a couple of fun wave jumping techniques.

Body surfing for kids

Body surfing has to be the coolest thing you can do at the beach, it's heaps of fun and it can even help you with your ocean swimming. In this lesson kids can learn how to body surf.

Warning Signs

In this video Sarah takes a look at a beach safety sign you might find at the beach and explains what a few of the symbols on them mean.

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