Training Overview – Week 3

Week 3 of the 8-Week 2km Ocean Swim Challenge, preparing you for your ocean swim goal.

Congratulations on finishing your first full week of training!

No doubt it was a bit of a shock to the system, but it’s starting to feel good, right!?

The key this week is to establish training patterns.

Make sure your week is organized and you are maintaining the energy levels needed for each session – that means eating well, sleeping well and recovering well.

You can access all your previous week’s lessons throughout your training, so if you need to check back they’ll still be there.

Enjoy this week’s training.


Pool training

All you need to know about this week’s pool training can be found here.

Ocean awareness

There’s a lot more to waves than you may think.

In this week’s lessons, we are learning more about waves, there’s a lot to them and the more you understand how they’re made up and organise themselves the better prepared you’ll be to swim in them.

Getting an idea of the wave distance is a great way to get a feeling for what it will be like swimming in the wave environment and understanding wave distance can make you a smarter ocean swimmer.

We also take a look at what sets and lulls are, and how we can use them to time our swim out, and in, through the surf zone.

Ocean swimming

This week is all about developing the skills required to efficiently navigate the in-shore.

By in-shore, we mean from the sand to the shallow water where it’s too shallow to swim – so about up to your waist.

Soft sand running is fairly self-explanatory, but there are some cool little tips to make you a more efficient runner on the sand.

Wading is a weird-looking skill, but it’s the fastest way through shallow water. Have a go at the technique in the comfort of your own home first (you’ll appreciate the privacy while you practice – trust me!).

Dolphin diving is a bit more technical, you can practice this in the pool and at the beach.

Wading and dolphin diving are pretty taxing on your body but equally great for developing your fitness & strength! If you’re up for it you can head to the beach and double-up this lesson as a cross-training session.

Core strength

This week we add a couple more core strength exercises to the mix.

We’re still building the bank of exercises that you’ll use throughout the program.

Remember to go back and check on the technique of previous exercises if you need to so you’re always training with the correct and safe technique.

Learn the correct technique to perform a oblique crunch, bicycle crunch and diagonal arm & leg raise and then either download the Core Strength Session or train along to the core workout video.

Strength & fitness

All swimmers benefit from strength conditioning outside of the water.

In this week’s lesson on strength training, you’ll learn why it’s important as an ocean swimmer, and we’ve got instructional exercise lessons and workouts you can do at home or at the gym.

F45 and Less Mills Body Pump (or similar) group fitness classes at the gym are a great way to get the strength workouts you need for swimming without the bulk. They utilize light weights and bodyweight strength exercises that will build strength and lean muscle.


The most important component of your diet needs to be nutritious foods, they should be the bulk of your meals.

Too often we focus on consuming carbohydrates and protein, falling short on our vegetable intake.

A diet packed with vegetables will provide nutrients and nourishment vital to any training program.

Health & wellbeing

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished ocean swimmer, there’s always someone else out there who are sharing a similar journey – the excitement, anxiety and ups and downs that come with it.

This week take some time to listen to the success stories of other ocean swimmers who share their journey about gaining confidence in the ocean, taking on their first ocean swim or overcoming a bad experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re nine, like Eliza, or much older – the challenges, and successes, are all the same.

Do you have a story you’d like to share? If you’d like to share your story by video for our swimmers’ stories’ section please contact us.


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