Training Overview – Week 1

Week 1 of the 8-Week 2km Ocean Swim Challenge, preparing you for your ocean swim goal.

This week the focus is on preparation, so you’ll find plenty of helpful information to get you started as well as four tasks for you to complete.

Make sure you get onto the tasks quickly because ‘proper’ training starts next week!

If you’ve already completed our Have A Go training program, you’ll notice that it’s only the pool training that has changed from program to program. Enjoy the step-up in pool swimming training, and use the rest of the lessons to update and review your knowledge and skills.

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Enjoy your first week.

Andre Slade

P.S. Our team has worked really hard on our online programs, please don’t share your membership details or downloads with others.

Pool training

When was the last time you went for a swim? It’s time to find out just how swimming fit you are.

Regular pool training doesn’t start this week, but you’ll still be heading to the pool for a swim.

All you need to know about this week’s pool training can be found here.

Ocean awareness

The ocean is a wonderful place but besides from the obvious sea, sand and surf, what do you really know about it?

We’re not starting our ocean awareness training this week, instead, we’re going to continue with the theme of getting prepared for the next seven weeks.

Check out the Gear category of our blog for dozens of posts about ocean swimming gear and equipment, like caps, goggles, wetsuits and accessories.

The lesson on choosing the right wetsuit for ocean swimming is important if you’re looking to purchase one, because wetsuits definitely weren’t made equal.

Ocean swimming

Get your compass out; we’re about to navigate through the surf zone!

This week we’re not heading to the beach, instead, you’re going to learn about surf zones, which is the area of water from the shoreline to the open water where there are no waves.

Throughout your training, you’ll learn all the techniques to navigate through the surf zone and you’ll practice them in the pool and on nice beach days when you can get to the beach, you’ll have a go in the ocean.

Core strength

You’re not sculpting a 6-pack but your abs will be getting a workout.

When it comes to advancing beginner ocean swimmers, one area that is widely forgotten is the benefit derived from having a stable and strong core.

This week you will learn what your ‘core’ is and why it’s important to have a strong and stable core for ocean swimming.

You’re going to be doing a lot of core training on the floor, so treat yourself to a nice exercise/yoga mat to do them on. You can purchase these from your local gym or sports store.

Health & fitness

Not everyone likes stretching, it can seem like a nuisance and it’s the first to get the boot from a training session when you’re time-poor.

During this program, it’s recommended that you stretch before and after every training session, be it after a swimming session, a core workout or a strength and conditioning workout.

This week you’ll learn why you should stretch, the difference between static and dynamic stretching, and when you should use each type of stretching.

Jules’ also has a lesson on some great dynamic stretches that are also a great preventative measure for swimmers shoulder.

Learn to love to stretch! Take your stretching further by taking a yoga or Pilates class, your body will love you for it.


The main challenge facing swimmers is being able to get the right nutrition at the right time!

Training is often early in the morning and in the evening, which commonly coincides with breakfast or dinner.

In this lesson by Lia, you’ll learn how to plan for healthy eating during your training.

Keep nutritious portable foods wherever you can fit them (e.g. at the office, in the car, in your bag), and plan your meals using our training diary.

Motivation and inspiration

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Someone once said, ‘If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else’.

We’ve made it easy for you to plan and keep track of your training by using our Training Diary.

There’s space for you to plan your training and nutrition each day, record your progress and write about your journey.

Print out the weekly planner in your Training Diary, plan your week and then stick it to the fridge. It’ll keep your training top of mind and allow your family and friends to motivate you.


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