Up The Ante – Start here

Before you start your training, learn how it all works.

It’s time to get excited, you’re about to get started on the journey towards completing your 2km ocean swim goal!

Starting this week, and then each week for eight weeks, you’ll complete lessons online, at home, at the pool and on the beach.

I will be guiding you through your training, and giving you a personal tour of all of OceanFit’s educational content in the best possible order so you come out at the end a smarter, skilful and fit ocean swimmer.

Training components

Each week there are seven training themes, each with multiple individual lessons for you to complete.

1. Pool training

An overview of your week’s pool swimming training + two swim session plans you will take to the pool.

2. Ocean awareness

Increase your knowledge of the ocean environment and learn how to think like an ocean swimmer.

3. Ocean swimming

Develop the techniques required to be a confident and efficient ocean swimmer.

4. Core strength

Develop your core strength through core exercises and core workout’s to music.

5. Nutrition

Learn about how to eat healthy during your training for maximum energy.

6. Strength & fitness

Develop all-round fitness and strength to support your ocean swimming.

7. Health & wellbeing

Tackle the mental side of training and get tips on staying motivated when times are tough.

Where to find lessons

The lessons you need to complete each week can be found in two places:

  1. On the Up The Ante training program page, grouped by week
  2. As links in the weekly Training Overview

When your lessons are available

Every lesson is available from now, and you have unlimited access to them.

We strongly recommend you stick to the program we have set, and complete each of the weeks lessons in the week that they have been assigned.

Additional learning

In addition to the lessons in your training program, there are 100’s of posts in our blog that will help you with your training.

How to get started each week

Start each week by reading through the Training Overview, this sums up the week’s training by theme and has links to all the lessons you’ll complete for that week.

OceanFit’s practical training

At OceanFit we have a range of practical training options that perfectly complement your training here.

You can schedule a private lesson, join one of our popular ocean swimming clinics, or event come away with us on wet & wild weekends!

If you’re serious about being as confident as possible for your event, I’d suggest booking your training clinic now so you don’t miss out!

Enjoy your training,



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Season runs from 1 Oct to 30 April. Some contact out of season.

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