Sharks are right up there with the highest fears of ocean swimmers, for good reason.

In this lesson you’ll learn a little bit about sharks and how to rationalise your fear of them for ocean swimming.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the probability of seeing a shark in the ocean
  • Recognise ways to best avoid seeing a shark in the ocean

Overcome your fear

Between Hollywood, sensationalist media reporting and a lack of understanding of this magnificent marine creature, sharks have received a bad rap.

For many of us, being attacked by a shark rates up there with the most terrifying thing that could ever happen to us.

Put your mind at ease by learning more about sharks, dispelling the popular myths and putting your faith in the fact that statistically you’re more likely to dieIn a car crash on the way to the beach than by a shark attack.

In fact, shark sightings are so rare you should celebrate and soak up the moment if you do see one – knowing it doesn’t really have any interest in you.

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