Seaweed is responsible for some of the highest levels of ocean anxietiesIn ocean swimmers.

In this lesson you will learn a little bit about seaweed and tips for reducing your seaweed anxiety.

Learning outcomes

  • Explain why seaweed is an important part of the ocean ecosystem
  • Recognise ways to reduce anxieties relating to seaweed

Did you know?

Seaweed is one of those ‘creepy’ things that tend to scrape across your legs and come out of the blue giving you an instant concern of ‘what’s that!’. Seaweed can also be slimy and harbour all sorts of creepy crawlies which adds to it’s eww factor – especially for children.

To overcome it, get to know it better:

  • Seaweed is the core ingredient in sushi, icecream, shampoo, toothpaste and makeup
  • Seaweed is responsible for producing up to 70% of the world’s oxygen
  • Next time you’re at the beach find some, pick it up and explore it!

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