Planning for healthy eating

Nutrition is extremely important for maintaining your energy.

The main challenge facing swimmers during a period of heightened training is being able to get the right nutrition at the right time!

Training is often early in the morning and in the evening, which commonly coincides with breakfast or dinner. It’s a good idea to organise meals and snacks in to ensure good nutritious meals aren’t missed.

Taking snacks or meals to eat before and after training is an important routine for swimmers. If you’re training multiple times each day, a substantial recovery snack is important if the next main meal is not within thirty minutes of finishing training.

Keep nutritious portable foods wherever you can fit them (e.g. at the office, in the car, in your bag), and plan your meals using our Training Diary.

Getting prepared to eat healthy

The first step in planning for healthy eating is to go shopping and get prepared.

Just like training for an event, you can’t expect results without putting in the effort.

Stock the fridge with seasonal produce, make sure you have healthy complex carbohydrates like brown rice and quinoa cooked ready to go and have a few protein options available like fish, chicken and eggs.

Well thought out preparation will result in successful diet changes.

Nutrition goal for the week:

Do a big healthy shop, stock the fridge and pantry with nutrient dense foods and plan out your meals for the week in advance.


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Event nutrition

Stick to the tried and true when it comes to your event nutrition plan.

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