Training Overview – Week 8

Week 8 of the 8-Week 1km Ocean Swim Challenge, preparing you for your ocean swim goal.

Welcome to the final training week of your training!

This is perhaps the most exciting week of the whole training as you start to count down to your goal ocean swim event.

Even though we’re still keeping up the same level of intensity in our training this week, and continuing to learn new things, we’re also starting to get into preparation mode.

If you can find the time this week, go back and re-watch the lessons and get some of those earlier topics back in the front of your mind.

Other than that, enjoy the countdown to your event and the end of your training program – and if you get a chance after your event we’d love to hear all about your experience. You can share a photo and story on our Facebook page, or Instagram. Simply tag us using @oceanfit, and use the hashtag #oceanfit)


P.S. Don’t forget, once you’ve completed this challenge, the next step is to train for a longer swim! The Up The Ante training program will help you build up to a 2km ocean swim, you’ll find a lot of the supporting content is similar, but there are new pool training sessions and advanced pool drills to take you to the next level.

Pool training

All you need to know about this week’s pool training can be found here.

Ocean awareness

This week we take a look at three things we have to deal with in the ocean at some stage (physically and/or mentally).

All of which deserve to be there as much, if not more, than us – that can cause both anxiety or pain, or both!

Blue bottles are a pain, literally, but how much do you know about them? This week you’ll learn about Blue Bottles, how to avoid them and how to treat a sting.

Seaweed actually accounts for a large majority of the ocean anxieties I see from participants in my lessons.

It creates dark patches under the water, it’s slimy and it always seems to sneak up on you when you least expect it and has your mind shooting to all sorts of conclusions about what it could be!

You’ll learn more about seaweed this week and realise you actually have more to do with seaweed away from the beach than you might think.

Finally, between Hollywood, sensationalist media reporting, and a lack of understanding of this magnificent marine creature, sharks have received a bad rap.

For many of us, being attacked by a shark rates up there with the most terrifying thing that could ever happen to us.

So, how do you over this fear?

Put your mind at ease by learning more about sharks, dispelling the popular myths and putting your faith in the fact that statistically, you’re more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the beach than by a shark attack.

In fact, shark sighting are so rare you should celebrate and soak up the moment if you do see one – knowing it doesn’t really have any interest in you.

Ocean swimming

Bodysurfing is not only the most efficient way to get back to the beach when there’s a wave on, but it’s also super fun!

There are a few levels of bodysurfing technique you can progress through, from a standing start to a swimming start.

Before you try to get too flash you have to get the three basic elements right: body position, speed, and timing.

Head to the beach this week for a fun bodysurfing session which will help keep your mind off your event later in the week!

Core strength

We’re the best part of seven weeks of core strength training down now.

So the question is… can you see any abs poking through?!

While a six pack can be an indicator of a strong core, they are definitely not the be-all-and-end-all of core strength.

The indicators you should be looking for is being able to hold your hover’s longer with less shaking, keeping perfect form during all core exercises and the core sessions just feeling a lot easier in general.

Swimming-wise you should be sitting higher in the water, able to keep your lower body high when sighting and feeling stronger in your dives and tumble turns.

Learn the correct technique to perform a hover (single leg lift) and side hover (rotation) and then for your last week we have two ‘hard core’ workouts (Hardcore Workout #1 & Hardcore Workout #2) for you if you can handle them… give them a go and start to love your core!

Strength & fitness

To complete our series of injury prevention and management lessons we’re learning about neck pain and cramping this week.

Neck pain occurs in swimmers due to the obvious continual rotation of the neck in order to breathe.

It’s important to stretch before you swim and, if possible, breath bilaterally (it’s better for ocean swimming anyway!).

Cramping can be a nightmare for ocean swimmers: the thought of cramping up out in the water is not a nice one.

There are a lot of myths floating around about cramping causes and treatment, but the thing to remember if you do experience cramp in the water is to relax, float and stretch.

If you’re swimming with a friend (which we hope you are) ask them to assist you.


This week’s lesson is the most important nutrition lesson you’ll learn that has a direct impact on your event day swim.

The types of meals you eat in this final week and how you fuel yourself the night before and the morning of your swim will determine your level of energy and comfort.

Nutrition is also important for post swim recovery where you should be rehydrating immediately and eating within one hour of finishing to repair muscles, refuel energy stores and support your immune system.

Prepare and pack your event day snacks the night before so they’re ready to go. Don’t try any new foods or be tempted by free ‘high-performance’ giveaways before your swim – save them for after as a treat.

Health & wellbeing

It’s normal to be feeling a little (or a lot) anxious about your impending event this week – especially if it’s your first one ever, or it’s at a different location that may or may not be more challenging.

There’s nothing you can do to eliminate that anxiety you have, the best way to tackle it is by embracing it! Turn it on its head and use it to make this week enjoyable.

In this week’s lesson, Lia will help you prepare for a positive event day experience. There are also some great do’s and don’ts for you.

Why not have a pre-event dinner party during the week with your family and friends where the topic of conversation is on this amazing challenge you have been on and how great it’s going to be to achieve your goal. You’ll be amazed by how much positive energy you can get from your personal fan club!


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