Training Overview – Week 2

Week 2 of the 8-Week 1km Ocean Swim Challenge, preparing you for your ocean swim goal.

We’re into week two already – bet that came around faster than you thought!

Not to worry though, you should be all ready to get into your training now.

It’s natural to feel a little nervous at the start of your training program, but once you start it only gets easier.

Have fun with it!


Pool training

All you need to know about this week’s pool training can be found here.

Ocean awareness

This week we’re talking wind, swell and waves.

There’s a lot to them, and the more you understand how they’re made up and how they organise themselves, the better prepared you’ll be to swim in them.

It’s always helpful to head to the beach after these lessons to have a look around and match the lessons to your local beach.

Too far from the beach? Try a surf cam on

Ocean swimming

Preparation is the key to being confident in the ocean and performing well when in the ocean environment.

This week we’ll take anIn-depth lookInto preparing for your ocean swim from the beach and in the water.

Core strength

Now that you know what your core is, where it is and why it’s important as a swimmer, we can start to strengthen and stabilise it.

This week we start to introduce individual core exercises. Some exercises have a beginner and advanced option depending on where you’re at.

Don’t feel like you have to go straight to the advanced option, just take it easy to start with.

Learn the correct technique to perform a crunch, hover, side hover and arm & leg raise and then either download the Core Strength Session or train along to the core workout video.

Strength & fitness

To really get the most out of your training challenge, and to reach the required all-round fitness level for your goal swim distance, you should be doing more than just the planned swim sessions and your core training.

It’s important to develop a regular cross-training exercise program up to six days a week with a mix of strength and conditioning sessions in addition to your swim training.

Mix up your training between swim sessions with a minimum of 30-40mins of active meaningful exercise per day.

Suggested weekly training sessions:

  • 2 x pool training
  • 1 x ocean skills/swim
  • 2-3 core training
  • 2+ strength and conditioning
  • 1+ yoga/pilates


The chances are you’re about to embark on a higher level of exercise and training than your body is used to. You’re going to need to treat your body like a temple from now on, and your body will love you for it, inside and out! (…did someone say ‘beach bod!’)

This week you’ll start by learning how to stock the fridge with seasonal produce, complex carbohydrates and protein.

Health & wellbeing

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

Getting motivated and staying motivated to train is often the hardest part of any training program, but it doesn’t have to be, you just need to get started!

Below are a few pieces of advice from previous program participants about getting started! There’ll be more participant advice throughout the program.

Just get started!

Get up and do it! Don’t let worrying about how you will go stop you from doing it!

Get in the water as the enjoyment will also motivate you, and pick a good pool that’s easy to go to.


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