Training Overview – Week 2

Week 2 of the 4-Week 1km Ocean Swim Challenge, preparing you for your ocean swim goal.

How’d you go with your first week of training?

I hope you found it as interesting as you did challenging.

Sometimes these new things take a while to get used too… unfortunately for you though, you don’t have that luxury!

The key thing to do is to commit to your training and stick to the plan you’ve made.

Enjoy your training this week – and train hard!


P.S. It’s natural to feel a little nervous at the start of your training program, but once you start it only gets easier.

Pool training

It’s back to the pool! This week we’re going to continue our short build-up and by now you should have a better idea of how much effort is required to complete a session.

All you need to know about this week’s pool training can be found here.

Take your Pool Training Plan with you to the pool for easy access while training. Purchase a zip-lock plastic bag to keep it dry.

Ocean awareness

This week we’re talking wind, swell and waves.

There’s a lot to them, and the more you understand how they’re made up and how they organise themselves, the better prepared you’ll be to swim in them.

It’s always helpful to head to the beach after these lessons to have a look around and match the lessons to your local beach.

Too far from the beach? Try a surf cam on

Ocean swimming

Last week there was a lot to take in with five lessons designed to bring you right up to speed!

It’s always a good idea to go over last week’s lessons before you start this week, so you should probably do that now…

Then this week we are going to take a look at dolphin diving, a technique used to navigate shallow water up to your waist (it’s more efficient than swimming at that depth), and then move on to looking at sighting forward again, but this time we’re in the ocean, not the pool.

Core strength

Core training is usually the first thing omitted when you’re feeling tired or time-poor but it’s extremely beneficial for ocean swimmers to have a strong core.

So, if you’ve already let your core training lapse this is the week to pick it up!

We’re changing the pace already with core workout #2 which designed to step it up and really strengthen and stabilise your core.

Strength & fitness

To really get the most out of your training challenge, and to reach the required all-round fitness level for your goal swim distance, you should be doing more than just the planned swim sessions and your core training.

It’s important to develop a regular cross-training exercise program up to six days a week with a mix of strength and conditioning sessions in addition to your swim training.

Mix up your training between swim sessions with a minimum of 30-40mins of active meaningful exercise per day.

Suggested weekly training sessions:

  • 2 x pool training
  • 1 x ocean skills/swim
  • 2-3 core training
  • 2+ strength and conditioning
  • 1+ yoga/pilates


Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of fuel for the brain and muscles so this week you’re going to learn to clean up your carbs.

Having adequate carbohydrate is important for good health and is crucial for achieving maximum performance during training and sports events.

Training requires adequate dietary carbohydrates especially post-training.

It’s important to consume a variety of carbohydrates and includes sources other than the typical bread and pasta.

Health & wellbeing

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

Getting motivated and staying motivated to train is often the hardest part of any training program, but it doesn’t have to be, you just need to get started!

Below are a few pieces of advice from previous program participants about getting started! There’ll be more participant advice throughout the program.

Just get started!

Get up and do it! Don’t let worrying about how you will go stop you from doing it!

Get in the water as the enjoyment will also motivate you, and pick a good pool that’s easy to go to.

If you’re experiencing ocean anxiety, have a bad experience you need to put behind you, or you just need an extra helping hand, please get in touch with us at OceanFit. It’s best to work on these early so they don’t hold you back in your challenge.


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