ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #005 – John Locco

John Locco has braved the icy waters of Brighton nearly every day since 1973, going on to become the founder of Melbourne's famous Brighton Icebergers open water swimming club.


Date: 17 June 2020
Interview number: 005
Interviewee: John Locco, Founder of the Brighton Icebergers
At home, Brighton, Melbourne


We met up with John Locco in his home in Brighton that is a part shrine to his involvement in a variety of sports, with open water swimming and boxing at the centre.

John is perhaps most well known for founding the Brighton Icebergers, but he has also enjoyed a successful sporting career as an athlete and manager, and even became the Mayor of Brighton for a period in the early nineties!

We talked about the founding of the Icebergers, the history of the club and what led him to become the driving force behind the saving of the iconic Brighton Baths.



A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, we talk about how the famous Melbourne Brighton Icebergers open water swimming club came to be.



Swim group listing

View the Brighton Icebergers Swim Scout listing here.


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