A purple jellyfish lying on the sand.

Is this purple jellyfish a new species?

A bright purple, alien-like jellyfish has washed up on Coolum Beach and an expert says it may be a new species.
A purple jellyfish lying on the sand.
Ms Gershwin, from CSIRO marine and atmospheric research centre, says the jellyfish belongs to the Genis Thysanostoma group, which are not common in Australian waters.

Lifeguard Jamie Smith says a local fisherman alerted him and his partner to the discovery after pulling the sea creature up on to the beach to avoid getting stung.

“The thing that struck me was how long the tentacles [are] and the colour,” Mr Smith said.

“It was so vibrant and pure.”

Jellyfish expert Lisa Gershwin says it is probably a new species.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” she said.

“And honestly, being purple it alerts me to the fact that it might be a new species.

“I think it’s a better than even chance that it’s new to science.”

Read more: https://oceanf.it/1kE5Y4A


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