How a simple registration system can increase attendance at your event

Event organisers, learn how a smooth and painless event registration process can increase attendance and create a positive buzz for your ocean swim.

Event organising, especially ocean swims, are no easy task. Between planning the event, promoting it, and getting people to care and show up are all difficult challenges that can be tackled with determination, organisation, and passion.

As the event organiser, it’s likely that your head will be in multiple places at once while trying to accomplish planning an ocean swim at this size and scale.

Making the registration process as easy as possible is the top priority. Your goal as the event organiser is to get as many people involved as possible, so keeping the registration process simplified will ensure everyone who wants to enter finds it easy and painless.

To track registrations, try using an online event ticketing platform to organise all of the event information into one place. For ocean swimmers, this can make registering and filling out all the necessary information as easy as one click of a button.

For organisers, these tools can help you understand how many swimmers to prepare for, how you can structure your event, and where to set your expectations. These ticketing systems help organise and sort payments, and customer and payment information can easily be tracked in these platform’s dashboards and mobile apps, making simplicity the forefront for organisers.

It’s important to keep the swimmer’s perspective in mind when they are registering. By making the sign-up process simple, they are more likely to recommend it to their friends and return again. This will help you determine if you should throw another ocean swim event and what you can do better next time.

Are you social?

Marketing your ocean swim on social media is the best way to start creating a buzz around the event. Getting swimmers chatting via word of mouth can only go so far, so extending the swim’s details to social media will help network even more people into the event’s reach.

If you’re promoting your event on social media, potential participants are only one click away from the ticketing platform, and you have more chance of signing people up while they’re online and in the moment.

One great strategy is creating a unique hashtag relevant to your swim that your attendees can use when posting pictures from your event or use in conversation. Whether that be the ocean swim’s name or something unique and creative, hashtags are the best way to provoke conversation and promotion of your event.

Utilising all different platforms leading up to the swim can also help reach all demographics and age ranges. Try extending your reach from Instagram to Facebook to even Pinterest and LinkedIn because it can help pull in a diverse range of people.



Looking to grow your event and increase participation? Talk to OceanFit about how we can promote your swim on our digital platforms, manage your entries, and provide free advice on how to deliver your event to match ocean swimmers needs.


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