Freestyle hand entry should be like posting a letter

Take a look at hand entry and catch as part of an efficient and smooth freestyle stroke including examples of common errors swimmers make.

Are you aware of how your arm enters the water when you swim?

Can you hear noise, bubbles and turbulence?

Most swimmers have been taught to reach; to swing the arm around the body and enter the water high and flat.

In most cases, this will assist a hip drop at the back end and increase drag – and we don’t want that!

Efficient freestyle hand entry

The hand should enter the water smoothly. Imagine a mailbox slot, next to your head. Slide your fingers in, followed by hand, wrist, forearm; they follow the yellow line demonstrated in the pics below, to the ‘catch’ position.

Read this TI blog post on the benefits of a good ‘catch’.

Check out these screenshots of common freestyle hand entry errors:


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