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Olympic Legend Shane Gould shares tips ahead of Ocean Swim Fiji

Shane Gould is a living legend, simple as that.

As one of Australia’s greatest sporting talents ever, Gould has carved her place in history as the only female swimmer to win five individual medals in a single Olympics and the only swimmer in history to hold all freestyle world records at the same time.

Last year, to show she’s still got that competitive edge, she signed up as a participant on Australian Survivor… and won it!

Shane is a special guest at Ocean Swim Fiji this year, and ahead of this amazing island swimcation she shares her top four swimming tips.

Shane’s top tips

Tip 1

Beware of ‘coach youtube’ because watching swimming is very different from doing swimming. Consider and pay attention to the sensations of swimming and interactions with the water rather than doing something to the water in some sort of mechanical action or shape that you see someone else doing.

Tip 2

Swimmers who have breathing ‘issues’ are quite likely not exhaling the old air well enough to make room for new air. Breathing consists of three parts, (1) the inhale, (2) the pause and (3) the exhale. Check which of the three parts of breathing you are having problems with, and focus on correcting this/these.

Tip 3

If your legs come out of the water when you are swimming, they are airing and not swimming. Your legs can’t swim if your feet and calves come out of the water.

Tip 4

When swimming in open water I suggest trying to plan how to go, rather than where to go. Destination swimming can spoil the ‘now’ of swimming. Mixing up speeds, inserting short vertical pauses, switching to a few strokes of backstroke or breaststroke to a mostly freestyle travel will make you more agile and sensitive to your relationship with the water. You may even get fitter too if it’s done with short rests and bursts of intensity.

Event details:

Location: Fiji
Date: 22-26 August 2019
Distances: 1km & 3km x 3
Finishers medal: Yes + more goodies
Best feature: It’s Fiji, what more can you say?!
Register: oceanswimfiji.com (be quick, less than 50 places available!)




Andre Slade

Andre is the owner of OceanFit with over 20 years in the swimming education, lifeguarding and coastal safety industry.

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