Share your perceptions of the ‘man in the grey suit’ for UNSW study

The UNSW is currently conducting a study on people’s perceptions of sharks.

Amongst a range of user groups, they’re keen to understand more about ocean swimmers and our attitudes towards sharks – after all, we do spend a lot of time swimming in the open water!

I know that sharks are an issue for many ocean swimmers, mainly because it’s the most asked question in our ocean swimming clinics, and more recently when I put the call out for questions for a new podcast I’m working on, again it was the most asked question.

So have you thought about them? It turns out a lot of you have in the past. When I ran a poll on Twitter targeted at swimmers back in 2015, up to 25% of you said that you’d been put off getting into ocean swimming that season because of sharks.

The aim of this survey – being led by Ms Scarlet Davis, a PHD student of the famous Rob ‘Dr Rip’ Brander, is to contribute valuable data that will help bridge the gap between policy, shark management and public opinion.

Davis is particularly interested in how your personal background (e.g. where you grew up) and interactions with beaches and the ocean have influenced your perceptions of sharks.

And with that, I’ll leave it there… I don’t want to add anything else that may influence your perception of sharks for the survey…

You can access the survey here, and it should only take 10 minutes to compete.



You can also read more about sharks from OceanFit contributors.

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