Interview Snippet: Coolangatta Cobias

The Coolangatta Cobias, much like the impressive local blackfish they're named after, roam the ocean in the tropical waters of south east Queensland.


Date: 7 August 2020
Interview number: 029
Interviewees: Coolangatta Cobias 
Coolangatta Beach, Coolangatta, New South Wales


We met up with Sascha, John, Jim, Susie, ‘Smokey’ Alan and ‘Barnacle’ Bill of the Coolangatta Cobias for a casual Friday swim at Coolangatta. The conversation started with a short history of the group and how they became known as the Cobias, and then we learnt about the group dynamics and the famous Sunday soup swims.

Listen to an audio snippet




A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, Jim explains the background behind the group being named after the impressive local fish, the Cobia, but John had his own reasoning…



The full interview with the Coolangatta Cobias will feature on a new podcast episode coming soon…


Group Details

Name: Coolangatta Cobias
Location: Coolangatta SLSC, Coolangatta Beach, Queensland
Meeting times: Sundays
Contact: Turn up at the surf club and ask around for the group


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