Choosing the best goggles for open water swimming

Goggles come in many shapes and sizes and finding a pair that fits and is suitable for the open water environment will open your eyes to a whole new experience.

Choosing the best goggles for open water swimming is important to ensure you have the best experience in the water.

Goggles come in many shapes and sizes and the best pair is usually the one that fits best.

Choose from a range of lens: clear lens are great for pool swimming; smokey, tinted or polarized for open water swimming.

Throw out that pair of goggles you bought two years ago, get yourself a new pair of and replace them regularly from now on.

Good goggles will open your eyes to the ocean environment above and below the water.

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Tips for your open water swimming goggles

  • If you’re worried about size choose a pair with an adjustable nose clip or for thinner faces look in the junior range
  • Slim style goggles that sit in your eye-socket are best for the rigours of surf swimming/body surfing
  • Larger ‘snorkelling’ type goggle are nice for open water cruising, but they will come off easier in surf
  • Make sure your goggles are fitted and feel comfortable before you hit the water. Stopping to adjust them breaks your rhythm
  • Create fog-free goggles without nasty chemicals by spitting in them while dry to create a barrier on the lens. Rinse in ocean water before wearing
  • Wait until you’re in deep water where there’s less sand in the water before cleaning them
  • Don’t leave your goggles in the sun or in hot places (like the seat of a car). The heat will warp them & they won’t fit properly again

OceanFit Favourite: Vorgee Missiles. They’re the best surf swimming goggle on the market and we think they’re the best pair of goggles for open water swimming. The best thing about them is they won’t come off when dolphin-diving or bodysurfing. Plus they just look cool.

Vorgee Missile Clear Lens Black
The Vorgee Missile with clear lenses are my goggles of choice.

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    Paul Turner
    6 November, 2018 at 8:58 PM

    What are your recommendations for prescription goggles? that I can readily buy in Australia or has reasonable shipping costs.


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