The best workout for weight loss

Ever wondered what the best workout for weight loss is? Well, you'll be happy to know it's not rocket science - and you get to choose!

We hear this claim all the time – someone will say running is the best as it burns a lot of calories.

Then we’ll hear that lifting weights is the best as you develop muscle mass, which helps you burn calories at rest. Then you’ll hear that circuit training or boot-camps are the best because they give you a great combination of both.

The reality is that all of these are great forms of exercise, they will all burn calories, and therefore they will all help with weight loss.

But one workout does not fit everyone. Running might not suit you if you have dodgy knees, you might not enjoy weight lifting (if you don’t enjoy it then the chances of you actually doing it to achieve a result are pretty slim), and maybe the idea of circuit training conjures up images of torture so you’d just rather not even consider it.

The great news is that the best workout for weight loss is the one that you will enjoy sufficiently so that you repeat it enough times to achieve an overall result – e.g. weight loss!

Training volume = How hard you work x How long you work

More volume = more calories burnt and therefore more assistance with weight loss.

Let’s say intensity is measured on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the absolute hardest you could possibly work, and 1 not being dissimilar to sitting on the couch chilling out.

Here are a few of the possible workout combinations you could do:

  • 9 intensity x 20 minute workout = 180
  • 6 intensity x 30 minute workout = 180
  • 3 intensity x 60 minute workout = 180

Which type of workout would you prefer?

All are great for weight loss and would burn an equivalent amount of calories!

So my advice is to first choose something that you love doing, then do it again and again, and know that based on the principle above you will be working towards your weight loss goal!

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