OceanFit 4 Kids

Discover the beach environment

OceanFit 4 Kids delivers engaging beach safety and ocean swimming lessons that turn the ocean into a natural playground for children to enjoy safety.

Our lessons teach children to appreciate the power and majesty of the ocean environment, promote a connection with the beach ecosystem, and develop confidence in their abilities.

The practical skills and techniques we teach will prepare your child for an ocean lifestyle beyond simply swimming, and our self survival and assisted rescue lessons will ensure they become guardians of the ocean.

OceanFit 4 Kids can be an alternative to, or complement to, nippers and sessions are competency-based, hands on, and on the go from start to finish with maximum time spent in the water.

This program is delivered over a minimum of four sessions with parents often continuing with after-school session all summer long.

OceanFit 4 Kids is run as a block of four 60-minute lessons organised between parents and the instructor at times that suit both parties.

What your child will learn

  • Awareness of how the ocean works
  • Respect for the ocean environment
  • How to identify & avoid risks at the beach
  • How to survive a rip current
  • Ocean swimming techniques in the waves
  • An understanding of their limits
  • How to bodysurf like a pro!
  • The beach as a fun fitness location

Hear from Sarah (when she was seven)!

We enlisted one of our favourite young OceanFit’ers, Sarah, to tell you why she loves ocean swimming with OceanFit, and why she thinks your child will too.

You’ll see just a few of the awesome things your child will do in their lessons.

Sarah loved OceanFit and we came back year after year. Swimming out the rip and back through waves, diving off Flat Rock and learning about the sea creatures and beach safety – she loved it all!  Lizzy Wilson

How we do things

We keep it fresh and mix it up!
We’re hands-on and we get connected!
We play, laugh and enjoy ourselves!
We spend maximum time in the water!

Typical lesson plan

Meet-up & preparation (5min)
Safety briefing & ocean awareness (5min)
Water & beach experiences (45min)
Lesson review & learnings (5min)

Request lessons

Please complete the lesson request form to express interest in kids group lessons. An instructor will be in touch to discuss your requirements and plan a lesson schedule.

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Common questions

At OceanFit we don’t schedule OceanFit 4 Kids, instead we leave that part to the pro’s – the mum’s and dad’s like you – to organise your children, or a small group of friends, and to choose a day and time that suits you.

When you’ve got your group of kids with similar age/ability together please use the contact form below to make a lesson request and we’ll do our best to fit in your schedule.

With four lessons you can choose from:

  • Consecutive days
  • Once-a-week
  • At random to fit your schedule

OceanFit 4 Kids is strictly a four-lesson program for 2-4 children.

5-6 year olds can be in a group of two maximum (including if there is one 5-6 year old and one older child), and 7-12 year olds can be in a group of up to four children.

Unfortunately, no. Please understand that managing and tracking multiple payments for children within in group is very tricky and time-consuming, and history has told us it doesn’t work well.

We ask that a single parent takes ownership of the group payment, collecting each child’s share from each parent, and making the entire group payment.

What to bring

For your child’s comfort & safety, please ensure they bring the following items to their lesson.


What parents have to say

I chose OceanFit as I am not a strong swimmer myself and I wanted my 8 yr old daughter to be safe at the beach. We have done about 12 classes and are about to start again next week as it is now one of Ruby’s favourite after school activities. Andre has taught her some amazing skills and valuable information about ocean swimming and how to avoid and also swim through rips, diving through waves, swimming safely off rock areas etc. It has definitely improved her water awareness. I would recommend it for all young children.


To be honest, the kids weren’t keen to go (8 and 10), they prefer swimming in pools. The bigger of the two, a boy, came out saying “I didn’t know it was going to be that much fun.” They told us how they learned to dive under waves, how to face sideways into a wave and a bunch of other stuff. It was only one lesson because it’s end of season but we’ll come back and do the four week course next summer. Andre is a nice guy and got on well with the kids. They’re more interested in the beach now and I have more confidence in them being in the waves.


Andre had a single timeslot spare at the end of the season so we grabbed our chance. In the space of an hour he took my 7yo daughter and her friends rock-walking, discovering new creatures, and exploring the surf at Nth Bondi. They all loved it. Andre has a really genuine love of the surf, and a fantastic connection with kids, and we will definitely book a full course of his workshops next Spring.


Pricing and payment

Lessons from $30 per child, per lesson, dependent on number of children in group. i.e.

  • 4 children = $30 per lesson, per child
  • 3 children = $40 per lesson, per child
  • 2 children = $60 per lesson, per child

Payments are made after your instructor has contacted you and before your group’s first lesson.

We require one payment to be made, to cover the entire group.

Lessons will only take place once full group payment has been received.

Please note: The group organiser/purchaser must have the details of each child (name, age) and each child’s parent (name, email, mobile #) to complete the registration. Each parent will be contacted by email to sign a participant form before lessons commence.

Instructions for registering groups of children

  1. Match the quantity of attendees to the quantity of kids in the group (2 for 2 kids, 3 for 3, 4 for 4)
  2. You need to complete an Attendee Form FOR EACH CHILD in the group
  3. Once you have completed a form for each child, click the Add To Cart button to complete payment.

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Group of 2 children$240.00Four lessons for two children @ $60 per child, per lesson. Total = $480.

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Group of 3 children$160.00Four lessons for three children @ $40 per child, per lesson. Total = $480.

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Group of 4 children$120.00Four lessons for four children @ $30 per child, per lesson. Total = $480.

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