Ocean confidence

Discover the beach environment

This is the original entry-level OceanFit clinic for beach-loving non-swimmers who would like to gain a greater awareness of the ocean environment and grow their confidence in deeper water and waves.

Previous participants have gone on to learn ocean swimming and complete an event, become hooked on body surfing and taken up other ocean sports like surfing, scuba-diving and surf life saving.

In three fun action-packed hours you’ll get to know the beach environment and then step your way through practical water-based activities to increase your skills and confidence in the ocean.

With all your new found ocean confidence your summer’s at the beach will never be the same again!

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What you’ll learn

  • How elements such as weather, waves and rip currents play a major part in your beach experience
  • How to identify and avoid risks and basic ocean safety survival options
  • The importance of staying in control and using the ocean to your advantage
  • Basic foundation ocean swimming techniques
  • How to body surf
  • All about rip currents, including a practical rip current experience

Participation prerequisites

This program requires the following pre-requisites:

  • Swim minimum 100m any stroke
  • Tread water for 1 minute

Clinic details

Who’s it for?

Choose this clinic if you are very hesitant about the ocean, are a non/weak swimmer, and you need to learn the very basics.




  • 3-hour clinic
  • Minimum two instructors
  • OceanFit silicone swim cap ($10 value)
  • A pair of Vorgee Missile or Vortech goggles ($29.95 value)
  • Have A Go 1km online training program ($49 value)
  • Post clinic advice and support

Clinic size

Capped at a maximum of 12 participants.

What our participants say

Thanks for a great course! We a lot out of it and really enjoyed taking part. I was really surprised by the amount I got from the day as I was going along to support my partner Sandy. I thought I knew how to get out through the surf and catch waves but the tricks Lia showed us made it so much better!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for today’s Level 0 clinic. I’ve never had the confidence to go in the water as I just didn’t understand how it all works. Now I can’t wait to start diving under waves!

Having lived overseas for five years, I had not been near a beach with waves for some time. Returning to Australia I felt like I needed to regain my confidence in the ocean. Doing the Ocean Confidence clinic really helped. I loved learning about rips and how to read the beach. I definitely finished the course with more confidence and learnt more than I was expecting.

I have been living in Sydney for 10 years and I spend many, many hours at the beach and in the surf, trying to catch a wave for bodysurfing. A few times I have been struggling to keep ahead with the waves and the currents. Andre’s course really gave me the confidence to swim with the waves and the currents rather then just trying myself doing the best.
Mark B
Alexis A

Common questions

No, and yes. The majority of the water component of this clinic is based in knee to waist deep water so no swimming involved. However, there is an opportunity for a rip current experience which would require you to float out in a rip, keeping yourself afloat, and making your way back to shore. This experience is only available when the conditions allow, and not participating in it does not detract from the clinic.

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Next steps

Completing this clinic means you’ll have the confidence to participate in our Learn to ocean swim clinic.

What to bring

For your comfort & safety, please bring the following items to your lesson.


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