Child Private Lessons

Personal support for your child

Are you looking for extra support and encouragement for your child in the ocean?

Your child will discover and reach their potential faster with a personalised private lesson with an experienced OceanFit instructor.

We focus on breaking down learning into simple pieces and use easy-to-understand language that zeros in on the needs of each child. Our lessons are always fun and your child will feel safe and happy to explore their limits at arms-length from their instructor at all times.

Looking for kids group lessons for 2-4 children? Check out OceanFit 4 Kids.

What your child will learn

  • Awareness of how the ocean works
  • Respect for the ocean environment
  • How to identify & avoid risks at the beach
  • How to survive a rip current
  • Ocean swimming techniques in the waves
  • An understanding of their limits
  • How to bodysurf like a pro!
  • The beach as a fun fitness location

Hear Eliza tell her story

After being dumped by a wave in a nipper carnival, Eliza lost all her confidence in the ocean. From that moment every wave looked like it could, and would, dump her again. But all was not lost, with the help of OceanFit her confidence would come back, and she would start to enjoy the ocean again.

The difference Andre has made to our daughter Eliza’s enjoyment of the beach has been enormous…the fun is back. Whatever level your or your kids interest is in the beach, surf or ocean swimming do yourself a favour and arrange some time with OceanFit.  James Twomey


Eliza: How I got my confidence back

Ocean swims are my favourite activity, it’s more fun than just swimming laps in a pool because of all the waves. It challenges you.

You also get to see fish, and different stuff that you don’t see from looking from the shore.

I would like to win, but I try my best and if I don’t, well, I don’t.

Last summer I was dumped by a wave and, well, I was a little bit shocked when it happened, and every time I went to the beach, I thought it would happen again no matter what size the wave was, and I wouldn’t get in.

After I got dumped, I was scared that it would do it to me every time I went through a wave.

Dad took me to Andre at OceanFit and I learnt that if you do get dumped, you will float to the top of the water, you won’t stay down. All the white water is air bubbles that rise to the surface and bring you up.

I learnt how to go under waves, how the waves operate and that waves can never hurt you that seriously if you know what you’re doing.

The most fun thing I learnt with OceanFit was bodysurfing – learning how to do proper bodysurfing.

My bodysurfing has definitely got better. It has been better than from when I used to do it before I came to OceanFit.

This summer I’m looking forward to getting better at all the stuff I do in the water, and on sand.

My goals are to perfect how I do my bodysurfing and to try new things that help me get better in the ocean.

For all the other kids out there like me, no matter what your ability is, get out in the water and have fun.


James: When your child loses their confidence

James Twomey watched his nine-year old daughter, and nipper champion, Eliza, get dumped by a wave, lose all her confidence and refuse to go to the beach again. It was heartbreak for a family that thrives on an ocean lifestyle, but all was not lost.

Taking the family to the beach is a very healthy way to spend your spring or summers, or any warm days.

Being down on the beach, in the sand, in the water, surfing. The kids love their swimming, and the ocean just adds another element of excitement or enjoyment beyond of just being at a pool.

Eliza started Nippers last year. She had always expressed that she wanted to get into nippers, and she had swam for a number of years. She started in U9’s and she loved nippers and the surf.

But as some kids sometimes unfortunately do, Eliza copped a pretty bad dunking one day in the surf down at South Maroubra and within a matter of minutes, it changed her whole confidence and outlook as far as the beach and the surf was concerned.

The change in Eliza was immediate. Getting up on a Sunday morning to go to nippers was a challenge. Every ripple on the water was a ten-foot dumper, and she was reluctant to go into the surf. But you could see that she missed the enjoyment.

Being a family that spent every possible weekend, when the weather permitted, at the beach, that sort of made it hard. When her four-year old brother was the one jumping in the waves and she wouldn’t even get amongst it, she just wasn’t keen.

To get Eliza’s confidence back we tried to get in the water with her, and do water safety with the nippers.

Eliza was still struggling in the water; I think she just needed something to help her to get beyond the fear and to get the confidence back and the enjoyment.

I decided to look further for help and Googled ‘Ocean Confidence’, and came across the OceanFit website, and there in front of my eyes was this OceanFit program for kids.

I thought, ‘That might be something that is worthwhile looking at.’ To cut a long story short, I got in touch with Andre, and explained the situation.

With the first one-on-one session, I think Eliza was a little reluctant, but I put my confidence in the fact that for the second session she jumped out of the car and couldn’t wait to get back in the water and get back to doing the fun activities.

It just sort of snowballed. It wasn’t an immediate quick fix, surfing down the front of ten-footers or anything like that, but it was more about her not being challenged, dragging, kicking and screaming down to the beach when the rest of the family wanted to be there, and just seeing her having as much enjoyment about getting back in the water as the rest of the family did.

Eliza got back into nippers after her time with OceanFit and by the end of the season, the confidence in training and the fun was back. She was back to challenging the best of the girls at the nippers competitions.

I would advise parents, regardless of whether you are at the beach every weekend or one or two weekends a summer, if you want your kids to enjoy the water, a beach lifestyle that you can enjoy here in Sydney, and anywhere in Australia, it pays to invest some time into developing ocean confidence to get your kids loving the water.

It’s not about every kid becoming an Ironman, it’s just seeing them enjoying the confidence, surfing, body surfing, and those sort of activities that you do, that’s where you get the most out of it.

Our specialities

  • Children from 5-years of age
  • Introducing children to the ocean
  • Facing up to ocean fears and anxiety
  • Overcoming a scare and refusal to enter the water
  • Competitive coaching for ocean swimming
  • Nippers looking for the edge in surf competition

Typical lesson schedule

  • Objectives, scan & safety briefing (10min)
  • Water activities (45min)
  • Review & feedback (5min)

Request lessons

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Pricing and payment

Lessons from $79-$90.

Payments are made after your instructor has contacted you and before your child’s first lesson. Lessons will only take place once payment has been received.


Multiple lessons
Any number of lessons to develop your child’s skills, knowledge & confidence.
Only $79-90 per lesson.

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Four lessons
The perfect number of lessons to learn the core basics and have fun.
Only $84 per lesson.



Six lessons
Children love consistency and it also speeds progress and results.
Only $79 per lesson.



Lessons for two
A brother, sister or friend makes it fun and economical!

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Only $120 per lesson


Common questions

When are lessons available?

Lessons are available during the OceanFit season, which typically runs from October through to March each year.

Lesson availability comes down to instructor availability, as all our instructors hold other jobs as well (we’d love to be full time at the beach!).

Please use the contact form below to make a lesson request and we’ll do our best to team you up with an instructor who can meet your schedule.

When choosing multiple lesson packages, you can choose to have your lessons:

  • On consecutive days
  • Once-a-week
  • At random to fit your schedule
  • Before or after school
  • Weekends
  • School holidays

How many children can be booked into a lesson at one time?

We have a two person maximum for private lessons.

For your own benefit, you should only look to group two children of similar ability and confidence. Usually this means ensuring children are aged within one year of each other.

Sessions are all designed and run to meet the needs and ability of the child with the least ability and confidence for safety reasons.

When and how do I pay for my lessons?

Please complete your payment after your instructor has contacted you and before your first lesson.

You can purchase lessons individually, in bundles of 4 or 6, or as many as you like.

What to bring

For your child’s comfort & safety, please ensure they bring the following items to their lesson.


What parents have to say

The day I watched Sarah (9) and Max (10) float out on a rip past the breakers and swim back in, I knew my kids were learning critical skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Alan & Jaqui

We chose OceanFit because we were after more than Nippers at a time which fitted in to the school week. Henry (5) started as a confident swimmer in a pool over 10m.Over the 4 sessions he developed more water confidence and awareness of surf safety and an appreciation of the ocean environment. He really looked forward to every lesson and Andre generated a great rapport with the children. By the end of the month his swimming had improved to 50 m in a pool. We will definitely be coming back for more.


To be honest, the kids weren’t keen to go (8 and 10), they prefer swimming in pools. The bigger of the two, a boy, came out saying “I didn’t know it was going to be that much fun.” They told us how they learned to dive under waves, how to face sideways into a wave and a bunch of other stuff. It was only one lesson because it’s end of season but we’ll come back and do the four week course next summer. Andre is a nice guy and got on well with the kids. They’re more interested in the beach now and I have more confidence in them being in the waves.


The difference Andre has made to our daughters enjoyment of the beach has been enormous…the fun is back. Whatever level your or your kids interest is in the beach, surf or ocean swimming do yourself a favour and arrange some time with Andre.

James Twomey