Adult private lessons

Discover your potential

Discover your potential and achieve your goals faster with personalised private ocean swimming lessons with an experienced OceanFit instructor on Bondi Beach.

Your instructor will tailor each lesson to your exact needs and develop a plan that’ll ensure you get the best results – whatever your goal is.

We specialise in developing confidence in open water, overcoming ocean fears and anxieties, right through to high performance ocean swimming lessons.

If you’ve been looking for personalised assistance to reach your goal don’t hesitate in getting started with OceanFit.

What you could learn

  • Basic beach safety
  • Reading the ocean as an ocean swimmer
  • Using rip currents to your advantage
  • Swimming in and out of a rip
  • Efficient swimming through the wave zone
  • Swimming straight
  • Bodysurfing, basic to advanced
  • Big surf swimming
  • Speed, tactics and tricks

Whatever you would like to learn, or whatever goal you have in mind, we can help get you there.

Hear Angelina tell her story

Hear how private lessons with OceanFit helped Angelina overcome her fear of the ocean, take her to a place she never thought she’d get to and improve her general quality and outlook on life.

The first time I swam through the waves by myself was hilarious, because my friend Joe was there as well, and Joe and Andre were kind of talking, and I just realised that I’d swam through the waves and I was swimming, I was so excited that I’d done it. It was windy that day as well and it was overcast, and yet I did do it and suddenly I was out there and I wasn’t even scared!  Angelina Russo


Angelina: Tackling my ocean fear

Angela Russo is a keen scuba diver and loves being out in the ocean diving. However, heading out into the ocean through the waves was a different story. Approaching her 45th birthday Angela decided to tackle her ocean anxiety head on with private lessons with OceanFit – with life changing results.

When I moved to Sydney in my early 20’s, I started doing swimming lessons at Coogee to learn the actual technique of swimming, but that was always in the pool and I never really got that confident in the ocean itself.

In my late 30s I started to do scuba diving and that was great fun, and it was funny because I wasn’t scared of being in the water, it was just that moment of actually swimming out to sea that just seemed completely not intuitive to me, at all,

I think, there are so many unknowns, and not knowing what it is that I’m looking for is what makes me so anxious. But, I couldn’t go on being anxious anymore, I was coming up for my 45th birthday and I thought ‘I just can’t’, this is one of those things in life you’ve just got to get over.

Finding OceanFit

I had looked in the past but I hadn’t been able to find anyone who was working with people like me, it was mainly squads and surf lifesaving, in fact, OceanFit were the only company I found that really talked about the anxiety and talked about it seriously, and used that as a way of getting people to become more confident in the water.

That first session

My first session, I was so anxious, I remember, we didn’t actually spend that much time in the water, I learnt via drawings in the sand, where the rips were and how the waves work and what the wind did and all of that.

Achieving the unachievable

When I think that at the end of last summer, we actually did swim across Bondi, well, we swam about halfway across, I just think that it’s extraordinary.

It was becoming confident in understanding that in the water, having that constant knowledge that it would be okay, that it would be alright, that we were actually somewhere that wasn’t dangerous.

To be honest, I think it’s just made me calmer about more than swimming, which sounds silly but it’s been such a big issue in my life, not to be able to do it and I just feel more confident that I have actually managed to get over a really significant fear that’s been with me since I was like five years old.

I’m really, really looking forward to this summer because we ended up where I could nearly swim across, and this summer I really do want to do one of those ocean swims in Sydney.

My advice for others

My advice for others who might be in a similar position to where I was before seeking help from OceanFit is to absolutely do it and take the time to do it, and don’t be upset by setbacks along the way because I do think that it takes a long time to build the fear and it takes, probably not as long, but it takes a while to get rid of it as well.

Go solo

Complete personalised attention
The best and fastest way to achieve results
Lesson times and locations tailored to you

Double up

Added benefit of training with a friend
A cost effective access to private lessons
Share your journey and support each other

Common questions

When are lessons available?

Lessons are available during the OceanFit season, which typically runs from October through to March each year.

Lesson availability comes down to instructor availability, as all our instructors hold other jobs as well (we’d love to be full time at the beach!).

Please use the contact form below to make a lesson request and we’ll do our best to team you up with an instructor who can meet your schedule.

When choosing multiple lesson packages, you can choose to have your lessons:

  • On consecutive days
  • Once-a-week
  • At random to fit your schedule

Where are lessons available?

All private lessons are held at Bondi Beach.

How many adults can be booked into a lesson at one time?

We have a two person maximum for private lessons.

For your own benefit, you should only look to share a lesson with someone of similar knowledge, skill and confidence level and with similar goals.

When and how do I pay for my lessons?

Please complete your payment after your instructor has contacted you and before your first lesson.

You can purchase as many lessons as you like, simply add a lesson to the cart, and increase the quantity in the cart to your desired lesson quantity.

Pricing and payment

Our pricing has been set to ensure OceanFit can continue to offer only the best instructors who operate in a very challenging environment with significant responsibility.

Like hundreds of participants before you, you can trust OceanFit to deliver safe, comprehensive lessons, with strong learning outcomes.

1 Adult

1-4 lessons

5+ lessons
$108/lesson – 10% discount

2 Adults

1-4 lessons

5+ lessons
$162/lesson – 10% discount

Payments are made after your instructor has contacted you and before your first lesson. Lessons will only take place once payment and completed consent forms have been received.

Note: To receive the bulk lesson discount for 5+ lessons, all lessons must be purchased in the same transaction.

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