Who we are

OceanFit is Australia’s leading open water swim school – we started training on Bondi Beach in 2009, and we train 100’s of swimmers every summer at Bondi and around Australia.

Our programs are designed to grow your confidence in the ocean and open water, so you can live the dream Aussie ocean lifestyle.


Whether you’ve grown up on the beach, or you’ve only visited a handful of times, there is an entry-point for you to get started on your ocean confidence journey.

We have a range of practical clinics, fitness classes and online courses, as well as private lessons to develop your skills and knowledge.

You can also introduce your children to the wonders of the ocean, with children’s lessons and family clinics that make the beach your child’s favourite playground.


Over the years our participants have enjoyed numerous personal achievements.

Before joining OceanFit these achievements had seemed out-of-reach, but once the journey had started they became just the start of a new ocean lifestyle.

Here are just a few of the types of goals our participants have achieved:

  • Completing their first ocean swim event
  • Swimming across Bondi bay
  • Taking on a 2km, 5km, and even 10km swim!
  • Swimming every week of the year, even through winter!
  • Participating in their first triathlon, half Ironman or Ironman!
  • Becoming a surf lifesaver
  • Learning to surf, sail and dive
  • Going on ocean swimming holidays
  • Swimming with whales
  • Bodysurfing every time they visit the beach
  • Developing an ocean-loving family
  • Having kids that love the ocean

What is your goal? Let us know and we’ll help you achieve it.

Read Jamie’s story and Nicola’s story.


With four clinics, three ocean fitness classes and private lessons to choose from, there are a number of ways to structure your training with us.

Here are the training pathways we recommend completing in a single season:

Learn to ocean swim > MOCEAN/VITALITY

For: First timers looking for guided training towards their first ocean swim
Why: Your skills will improve immensely and you’ll feel more confident in the surf and open water as you spend 7-9 sessions with our professional instructors in a small-group learning environment.

Most popular!
Learn to ocean swimNegotiating the surf 

For: Swimmers who want to invest in their new ocean lifestyle
Why: You’ll be amazed at your transformation from novice to confident ocean swimmer after completing our two OceanFit original clinics. This is a life-changing pathway!

Ocean confidence > Learn to ocean swim > MOCEAN/VITALITY

For: Weak swimmers looking to test the waters
Why: The ocean confidence clinic focuses on ocean safety and enjoyment, and if you like the experience you can continue along the ocean swimming pathway.

Learn to ocean swimMOCEAN/VITALITY > Negotiating the surf > ENERGY

For: Swimmers looking to develop at their own pace over time
Why: Each clinic is the pre-requisite for the classes that follow, and throughout the pathway you’ll have plenty of time to practice what you’ve learnt in the clinics. Complete in 1 or 2 seasons.

Negotiating the surfENERGY

For: Competent ocean swimmers looking for the edge
Why: Scrub up on your techniques and learn some things you didn’t know that you didn’t know. The classes are a chance for you to get 1-on-1 feedback to refine your techniques and push harder than you usually would training by yourself.


For: Swimmers looking for the personal touch
Why: Private lessons are run at your own pace and can be organised at times to suit. Once you’re confident in your ability, join a small-group ocean fitness class to put your lessons into practice.

As featured in

Ocean and open water swimming clinics

Develop your knowledge, skills and confidence

We have developed a structured, systematic approach to teaching that will give you confidence, and make you feel in control in the ocean.

In our clinics you will firstly develop a strong understanding of the dynamic ocean environment, and then in the water, clear, progressive techniques are taught that will turn you into a technically proficient ocean swimmer.

Join us for one of our small-group 3-hour practical clinics on Bondi Beach, Sydney, and when we tour throughout Australia during the spring and summer months.

Each clinic is designed to be attended only once, then you can work on improving what you have learnt in your own time, in a social ocean swimming group, or as a participant in our multi-visit classes.


If you’re not really interested in becoming an ‘ocean swimmer’, our Ocean confidence clinic is very basic and does not include an ocean swimming component. In this clinic you will learn basic ocean awareness and beach safety, and there’s an optional rip current experience.

If you’re looking at becoming an ocean swimmer we recommend bundling the Learn to ocean swim and Navigating the surf clinics as they will expose you to 100% of the knowledge and skills you require to become a well-rounded ocean swimmer – including the 1%’ers that make you a faster, smarter ocean swimmer. Most participants complete both clinics within a few weeks while their learning is fresh.

For triathletes and those starting off their swimming in non-surf locations, we have our Open water swimming clinic. This clinic is delivered in flat water locations and will prepare you for your triathlon, river, lake or harbour swimming.

Ocean confidence

Discover the beach environment.

Identifying dangers
Non/weak swimmers
Staying safe
No pre-requisite

Choose this clinic if you are very hesitant about the ocean, are a non/weak swimmer, and you need to learn the very basics.


Learn to ocean swim

Introduction to ocean swimming.

Ocean awareness
Foundation techniques
Navigating waves
No pre-requisite

Choose our most popular clinic if you’re an average swimmer or better, looking to get into ocean swimming or triathlons.


Negotiating the surf

Develop efficient ocean swimming skills.

Swimming smarter
Wave negotiation techniques
Tactics and speed
Learn to ocean swim pre-req preferred

Choose this clinic if you’ve been ocean swimming for a while and you’re looking to become stronger and more efficient in the waves.


Open water swimming

Efficiency & strategy in open water.

Confidence and environment
Efficient swimming techniques
Navigating course & pack
No pre-requisite

Choose this clinic if you’re training for your first triathlon or open water swim, or if you didn’t enjoy your first triathlon swim leg.


Upcoming clinics

Our 2017/18 season of ocean swimming clinics has finished. If you’d like to be added to a list of late season interest, please contact us, and if we get sufficient demand, we may run another clinic. Another option is to join us on our Wet & wild weekend to The Palms on 16-18 March. All our clinic content is taught over the weekend, along with wild swims and social time. Join our mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming clinics.


Ocean fitness classes

Build your fitness up and develop your surf sense

Once you’ve learnt about how the ocean works and the techniques required of an ocean swimmer in our clinics, the next step is to further develop these in our morning ocean fitness classes.

Delivered in blocks of 6-8 weeks before and after the Christmas/New Year holidays, these 45 minute small-group sessions will help you work on your fitness, develop your technique and build confidence with the support of an experienced instructor in a fun and friendly environment.

There really is nothing better than ocean swimming as the sun rises on warm summer mornings.


Delivered in blocks of 6-8 weeks before and after the Christmas/New Year holidays, these 45 minute small-group sessions will help you work on your fitness, develop your technique and build confidence with the support of an experienced instructor in a fun and friendly environment.

There really is nothing better than ocean swimming as the sun rises in the summer.


Relaxing ocean swims where the focus is on fun and enjoyment.

Participant choice
Varied swim lengths
Slow-medium pace
Requires Learn to ocean swim



Tweak your technique while you play outside your comfort zone.

Increase fitness
Develop surf sense
Medium pace
Requires Learn to ocean swim



High-energy ocean fitness workouts to take you to the next level.

Performance training
Medium-fast pace
Non-stop action
Requires Negotiating the surf


Upcoming classes

Our morning ocean fitness classes have finished for the 2017/18 season. If you’d like to join us next season, keep an eye out on the website in early October, and sign up to our email. Remember, you will need to have completed a Learn to ocean swim clinic, or Private lesson, to participate.

What our participants say

This was the best swim clinic I’ve done. I learnt so much about reading the ocean, and what to look for when I am coming back in during a race. I’ve been back in the surf already to put it into practice, and highly recommend it to anyone of all levels. Thanks, absolutely fantastic.

The clinic made so much more sense even though I have been involved in nippers and completed my Bronze. The technical details are made easy by the visual examples and being right in front of the beach as you are learning. I feel so much more in control and able to make informed decisions about ocean safety.

Fantastic clinic, loved it! I learnt so much and now look at the ocean with a whole new level of understanding!

A fantastic class run by friendly and experienced crew. The small class sizes were great and I’ve learnt a lot about reading the ocean. Really fun and a great confidence booster for those new to open swimming!

I highly recommend an ocean swimming clinic, by the end of mine I had full confidence to throw myself into the ocean with safety, ease and a much better understanding of the ocean.

Thanks for an awesome session! The clinic flew by and I left wanting to know more and feeling so much more confident in the water. Now its time to start practicing!

It was certainly a challenge at first, but by then end of the clinic I was body surfing waves that only the day before I’d have freaked out at the sight of! I can’t remember the last time I learnt so much in such a short period of time.

Sarah (7) loved OceanFit last year and is coming back for more this year. Swimming out on the rip, and back through waves, diving off flat rock and learning about the sea creatures and beach safety- she loved it all!
Mary DupreLearn to ocean swim
Penny ClaiborneLearn to ocean swim
Lara TomazOcean confidence
Tiffany LeungLearn to ocean swim
Felicia JagoeLearn to ocean swim
Matt LeedhamNegotiating the surf
KellyOcean confidence
Lizzy WilsonOceanFit 4 Kids


Ally the ocean swimmer

My story: Michaela and Jacquelin Perske

My Story: James & Eliza

Private lessons

Get the personal touch

Tailored to your ability & goals.

If it’s personal attention you’re after, we offer private lessons that will help you discover your potential & achieve your goals faster.

Our team of experienced instructors are ready and waiting to work with you to understand where you’re at and what you’re looking to achieve and then help you get there.

  • Personal support
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Develop confidence
  • Get results fast


Low instructor:participant ratios

Our industry-leading small group sizes and instructor to participant ratios ensure you always feel safe and get the personalised attention you deserve.


Ocean clinics

1:6 ratio for clinics that are safe, supportive, and cost effective for developing swimmers


Ocean fitness classes

1:6 ratio so you can develop skills in a range of conditions with full safety and support


OceanFit 4 Kids

1:4 ratio (1:2 for 5-6 yrs) for our junior swimmers who can challenge themselves safely


Private lessons

1:1 or 1:2 ratio for the ultimate in personal safety, attention and tailored experiences

Training weekends

Multi-day swimming & training

Go long, and spend a few days with us

We’ve got training and travel options that run over 2-3 days, giving you the opportunity to learn and discover new skills, confidence and swimming locations at a relaxed pace.

Complete the full suite of our training over a weekend with us in Bondi, or join us on a Wet & wild weekend, as we head into nature to explore new wild swimming locations, develop new skills and have loads of fun.

Upcoming weekends

Children & families

Confidence for the whole family

OceanFit for children and families

OceanFit are the experts in premium, private and personalised ocean confidence training for children from as young as five to the whole family.

OceanFit 4 Kids

We teach kids respect for the ocean as they explore their limits, develop their skills & increase their confidence.

Small groups up to four
Connecting with the ocean
Hands-on & experimental
No one session the same
Alternative to nippers


OceanFit 4 Families

Give your child the gift of an ocean lifestyle as you grow confidence together and learn how to develop their skills.

Parents learn to teach their children
When & where to swim at the beach
Learn the do’s and don’t’s
Basic skills with correct techniques
Encourage, inspire and delight


Open water swimming lessons

Transferring skills into the open water environment

Children gain confidence in the open water environment, develop skills to keep themselves safe and build on learn to swim lessons from the pool in unfamiliar conditions.



Andre Slade

Owner and head instructor

Andre brings 23 years experience to his lessons, along with a quick wit and an ability to empathise but challenge participants to achieve their goals. Learn more

Lia Trebilcock

Senior instructor

Lia is an educational professional both in and out of the water, with an innate ability to remain calm and promote confidence whilst delivering precise instructions.

Michael Hallam


Michael was brought up on Bondi Beach, has his name on numerous lifesaving trophies and brings this experience to his lessons with more than an ounce of fun.

Juliann Desjardins


Juliann is OceanFit’s Canadian import… she is a extremely strong swimmer and ski paddler, longtime lifeguard and was a member of the Canadian surf life saving team.

Sam Wolf
Samantha Wolf


Samantha is an ex-national level swimmer, surf lifesaver, and swim instructor. She is passionate about passing on her love for swimming to the next generation, young and old.