5 tips to keep you safe at the beach this summer

Last month we explored the world of ocean swimming and found out how easy it was to get involved.

But not everyone’s keen on becoming an ocean swimmer, for some the simple beach lifestyle is just fine.

If you only use the ocean to cool off after tanning, or while watching your kids have all the fun, here are five of my favourite pieces of beach safety advice to make you feel just that little bit safer in the water.

OceanFit teaches Nepalese students how to stay safe in the water

Earlier this month OceanFit was contacted by Hamro Institute of Business Technology (HIBT) who have students that come to Australia from (mainly) Nepal to study.

Nepal is a landlocked country where most people grow up without learning how to swim or how to identify dangers associated with bodies of water.

Tragically, within the last few months, six Nepalese students have drowned in Australia, and this prompted HIBT to take action and introduce a program for their students to teach them about how to stay safe when visiting the many open water location in Australia, including beaches, rivers, lakes, lagoons.

On Wednesday 22 February OceanFit welcomed 40 students to Bondi Beach for a tailored water safety education session.

Myth of the collapsing sand bar

Every time I give one of my Science of the Surf community talks I always get asked the same question “Do sand bars collapse?” and I always give the same answer “No, sand bars do not collapse unless you blow them up with explosives”.

Sand bars are big piles of sand that are pretty solid and heavy. Sure, they shift around from time to time, but this takes days, weeks and even months. They never, ever, ever implode on themselves. It just doesn’t happen.

But you still hear stories of collapsing sand bars getting people into all sorts of strife. So where did this myth come from? Well, if it’s wacky and related to the beach, it must come from… Bondi.