Are These 4 Ocean Anxieties Holding You Back? (And How To Overcome Them)

Whether it’s a niggling side-thought, or an inherent fear, nearly every beachgoer or ocean swimmer becomes anxious within the ocean environment at some stage.

For some this provides a challenge, but for others it’s a massive barrier to enjoying the ocean.

If any of these popular anxieties resonate with you, you’re not alone, and there are rational ways to help you overcome them.

How To Give The Gift Of The Ocean To Your Child

Andre and Nyah at the beach
Andre taking Nyah for a swim on his home beach, Wainui, NZ.

Last summer I was lucky enough to be able to introduce my two year-old niece Nyah to the ocean.

They were magical moments for both of us and Nyah is now absolutely in love with the beach and swimming. It’s so cool to get swimming updates from her and I look forward to teaching her more and watching her grow up an ocean kid.

Introducing your child to the ocean and ensuring they learn to love it as much as you do can be a tricky time for parents.

How Far Could You Swim Out To Sea?

I had a private lesson today in which I was helping a participant overcome her ocean anxiety.

One of the challenges was the transition from the relative safety of the shallow water, to the deeper water behind the wave zone.

Today we made it out a lot further than yesterday, we hung out for a short time to acclimatize, and then when the anxiety came back we made our way back to shore.

We’ll keep working on this and in no time she’ll be swimming out through the waves and along the back like a seasoned pro!

The sun rising on the horizon over the ocean.
Swimming off towards the horizon – how far could you swim before you got too anxious?

But this got me thinking…