Swim with a social ocean swimming group this season

First we welcomed spring, and now, just like that, it’s October!

There’s actually only a handful of ocean swims on around the country this month, which isn’t surprising really, as the water temps are still climbing out of their winter depths.

What we do start seeing at this time of the year are fair-weather ocean swimmers waking from their winter hibernation, and social ocean swimming groups throughout the country welcoming them back.

Did you know that you can join these groups for a regular swim?

Do you know, what you don’t know?

Two weekends ago I participated in the Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety course, delivered by Austswim.

This is the course that gives you the knowledge and skills to become a swim teacher.

Now, you might be thinking “how does Andre not have his swim teacher certificate after running OceanFit for eight years!” (the short answer is that we hold surf lifesaving awards)

I did a quick count, and I reckon I’ve held three different swim teacher certificates in my life time, and I’ve achieved them on two continents, and my home Island nation.

Q&A: The pre-40’s ocean swimming challenge that made Jamie ‘mildly obsessed’

During the 2016-17 summer season, Jamie Cairns approached OceanFit to help him achieve a goal he’d been wanting to knock off for years, and with his 40th birthday approaching, now was the time to take it on!

We spoke to Jamie about how his challenge came about, what his training was like and what it felt like to have achieved his goal.

How to prevent sea-sickness when ocean swimming

Over the years I’ve had a handful of OceanFit participants who’ve suffered from sea-sickness when swimming in the ocean – and it doesn’t sound good!

Some of them first realise it will be a problem while participating in one of our clinics (when we bob up and down out behind the waves learning ocean swimming techniques), others get a rude shock when taking on their first ocean swim.