Q&A: The pre-40’s ocean swimming challenge that made Jamie ‘mildly obsessed’

During the 2016-17 summer season, Jamie Cairns approached OceanFit to help him achieve a goal he’d been wanting to knock off for years, and with his 40th birthday approaching, now was the time to take it on!

We spoke to Jamie about how his challenge came about, what his training was like and what it felt like to have achieved his goal.

How to prevent sea-sickness when ocean swimming

Over the years I’ve had a handful of OceanFit participants who’ve suffered from sea-sickness when swimming in the ocean – and it doesn’t sound good!

Some of them first realise it will be a problem while participating in one of our clinics (when we bob up and down out behind the waves learning ocean swimming techniques), others get a rude shock when taking on their first ocean swim.

What to look for in an open water swimming wetsuit

Are you thinking about purchasing a wetsuit for open water swimming, or ocean swimming?

As an ocean swimming instructor I spend a lot of time in the water… a lot!

Sometimes the water is warm, other times it’s freezing (see Coriolis effect: when the water gets cold in the summer), but one thing remains true, just being in the water for a long time can quickly drop your core temperature.

So, whether I’m coaching, or ocean swimming, if I’m wearing a wetsuit I want to be wearing one that’s comfortable, flexible and that will give me an edge.

10 ocean swimming event tips for first time ocean swimmers

Are you a little anxious about your very first ocean swimming event?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone – the chances are just about everyone else on the beach will be nervous too!

If you’re taking on an ocean swim for the first time, swimming a longer distance or heading into conditions that are right on your limit, here’s eight ocean swimming event day tips to help you conquer your goal.

5 ocean swimming techniques that will give you the edge

Are you looking for ‘the edge’ in your ocean swimming?

Maybe it’s just so you can swim as efficiently as possible in the ocean, or maybe it’s so you can beat your friends in your next ocean swim event.

Whatever the reason, here are five ocean swimming techniques that will give you the speed and tactical advantage you’re looking for.