Are you drinking enough water?

Around 70% of your body and 85% of your brain is made of water!

Most of our blood consists of water and it’s important to be able to pump it around the body to deliver oxygen, hormones and nutrients to different areas. If we don’t have enough water, our blood vessels will have to work much harder to pump the blood around (as there will be a smaller volume of blood) and our blood pressure will increase.

Event nutrition: What to eat pre, during & post

Event nutrition for ocean swimming: What to eat pre, during & post event

The time has arrived, your event is here and all those hours training are about to pay off.

You can’t guarantee how well you will preform on the day but what you can control is your event nutrition, hydration and energy levels.

Getting your event nutrition right you will feel strong and have positive memories of the day.

Em’s blissfull breakfast berry smoothie

Ems Berry SmoothieBreakfast!…. Who struggles to find something healthy, delicious and that’ll keep you kicking on throughout the morning!?

I find breakie is one of the biggest struggles for my clients as there are so many shocking cereal/breads etc out there, it’s hard to know what’s ‘healthy’ and what’s absolute trash for you body.

So given we know breakie is the most important meal of the day (sets you brain and body up for functioning), we had better ensure we’re getting the right stuff in.