Why you shouldn’t swim after it’s rained

Ever hear the warning ‘don’t swim after it’s rained’?

That’s because the rain runs off our paved streets directly to the ocean via the network of stormwater drains, canals and rivers every city has, carrying with it all the nasties accumulated along the way. Then there’s the periods of heavy rain… when water management authorities may decide to ‘bypass’ the sewerage system and release effluent directly into waterways!

The major problem is permeability.

Who’s a clever buoy? Facial recognition detecting sharks

A metal yellow buoy sits on the beach ready to be put into the water.As long as we continue to swim in the ocean, and as long as the perceived threat of sharks looms over our heads, there will be attempts to keep sharks at bay and reduce public fear and anxieties.

In what seems to be the most advanced shark detection system developed so far, and far from the hideous ‘shark culling’ in WA over summer, this system by Shark Mitigation Services hopes to have their buoy detecting sharks in the water using face-recognition technology and sending warning text messages to local lifeguards on the beach.