10 winter swimming motivational tips

In these cooler autumn-winter months, if you’re like me you find it harder to motivate yourself to get to the pool.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, in fact I go through this dilemma every winter and it never gets any easier trust me.

Having just got back into the pool again after a break from summer ocean swimming, I though I’d share some of my tips for getting motivated to start winter swimming, and then to stay winter swimming!

1. Start today

Someone wise said ‘Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today, because when tomorrow comes there’s always another tomorrow.’

If you want to get started there’s no time like the present – Just do it.

2. Have a schedule

Pick one or two days (or more) which will be your swimming days and try to stick to them.

This way you’ll always know when they are, and you won’t plan anything else in that time.

If you don’t have a schedule it gets easier to double book, or for something else to pop up, giving swimming the bump.

3. Swim during the day

If possible, don’t leave your swim till the evening, it gets harder as the day goes by and it’s cold outside and you’ve been eating lots of warm hearty winter meals.

If like me you’re not a morning person, then try and get to the pool at lunchtime or swim during the day on the weekend.

4. Swim with a buddy

Having a friend to swim with is a great way to keep motivated by each putting pressure on each other to stick to your schedule.

Often you’ll find when one person is having a down day the other is on a high and will be the chief motivator.

5. Wrap up warm

Before you leave the house or office make sure you are wrapped up nice and warm.

I’ve often pulled out before getting to the pool simply because I let the cold get to me, but if you’re wrapped up warm it’ll be easier to get to the poolside where it’s usually a lot warmer.

My favourite winter swimming accessory is a pair of Ugg boots!

6. Don’t muck around getting in

Once you’re at the pool, get ready and into the water as soon as possible.

Undress down to your swimwear and jump in without even blinking, that initial splash is the worst but from the first stroke you’ll start warming up and it’ll be fine.

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7. Try new things

Winter is a good time to try new things in the pool.

Maybe a new training set, some new training aids like pull buoys or hand paddles, or a new breathing technique like bilateral breathing.

It’s also the perfect time to have your stroke assessed and work on technique. Because it’s new it’ll be interesting and fun and you’ll forget you’re there for the hard yards.

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8. Swim hard

The fastest way to heat up is to swim hard and really get that heart rate pumping. If you swim hard enough you can still sweat in the water which means your body will be nice and warm.

Just make sure you warm up first with at least a couple of hundred metres easy freestyle.

9. Treat yourself

There’s nothing better after a swim session than a nice hot drink, for coffee lovers that extra kick off caffeine is just reward but a hot chocolate will do the trick nicely.

10. Visualise summer swims

Every summer do you find yourself thinking you should have done more swimming during the winter to keep fit?

Have you always wished you were that little bit faster or could beat a swimming mate? Well winter is the best time to put in that extra effort which will pay off all during summer.

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Originally published July 2012

This post was written by Andre Slade

Andre is the owner of OceanFit with over 20 years in the swimming education, lifeguarding and coastal safety industry.

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